Spill the TEA honey!

And we’re back! I’ve had to take quite the break due to being thrown in IG jail! Apparently some people frowned upon our spill the tea sessions and reported me. I’m not about to get kicked off the platform over it so HERE WE ARE. Spill the tea lives on!

& Because I still have no idea what I’m doing on this damn blog, here’s a photo dump of some of my favorite submissions 😂

& that’s all she wrote folks! I hope this made you laugh. or smile. or at the very least smirk 😂

Stay tuned for some more Spill the Tea!

xoxo Lacey

  1. Jennifer says:

    Lacey, you don’t suck at blogging!! You’ve got to give yourself a chance to learn this new skill. Just like your Instagram page, you will find your groove! I love the Spill the Teas and am so glad they’re back! This way we can always go back and revisit when we need a laugh. You’re doing a great job, be kind to yourself!

  2. Leatha says:

    I’m soooo thankful spill the tea is back!!! You’re amazing for keeping this up for us!! Hugs from Tennessee!!

  3. Lola DeWitt says:

    So glad Spill the tea is back!! You’re doing a wonderful job Lacey!!😊

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