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My background


I'm an Oregon grown mama! I've been married to Mr. Plaid (Andy) for 10 years. We have 3 kids together, 2 dogs & have moved 8 times since falling in love. That's a whole lotta HOUSES to decorate (& even one trailer!) 

I found my love of interior design after we purchased our first home 3 years ago. With each year that passes, and each DIY we complete, we get a little little bit more brave in our first home owner's journey.

How I got started


Designing, interior décor, & hand lettering is what gets me through my day. If I didn't have this artistic release...Well I might just be found sitting in a corner rocking & eating a tub of peanut butter!

My style


I love mixing different styles. Overall, I love neutrals, texture, character and comfort. As a stay at home mom, staying on budget with my design is key. I love finding thrifted pieces and repurposing them, giving them a whole new life. 


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